This made tear up for real.


So happy to finally be posting this and so grateful I was given this opportunity. For all of my Michigan based followers, I will be teaching an all levels class at Th3 Studio in Utica, MI. Details coming soon! 

Filmed/Edited/Colored: Matt Barth
Riot Film Productions
Music: The Album Leaf-The Light

Murakami section in Blackwell’s book shop, Oxford.




myheartshunger said: What would you say helped you the most in deepening your backbends? Goal of mine this year. Slowly making progress but any tips would be appreciated!

- take it slow: warm up with lots of baby cobras, then upward dog, progressing slowly.  save deep backbends for the end of your practice (but before counterposes)

- go UP before going BACK.  pretend there is a string attached to your sternum pulling you up towards the sky

Thank you!